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A Fitbit Flex Review

Wearable tech is emerging as the most popular in the industry and one of the main participants in the market, is the Fitbit. Several different wireless activity trackers of this company have all been utilizing the same form factor but it is the most recent effort in the Flex, that is, the activity and sleep-tracking wristband. It is unquestionably not superlative but the simple design of Flex brings an amazing and excellent balance between functionality, looks, and therefore serves as a better motivational weapon to keep alive and active. This Fitbit flex review can be of assistance in understanding the concept of Fitbit Flex.

Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex with no screen, is the first wireless activity tracker the company has ever produced. In addition to this, is one of the most general looking gadgets that you will ever encounter. The activity tracker is light, thin, and quite unnoticeable when worn, however a translucent plastic strip which shows a five built-in LEDs. The band of this Flex is made from flexible rubber. On one of its end, two little clips snap into the two holes of the total nine available on the other end. To attach this bad to your wrist can truly need more force than what you expect. It is actually a mess and uncomfortable process, however once it is fixed, it securely stays on your wrist until you remove it, and this is the only advantage it has.

While on the wrist, you can possibly do any physical exercise without it coming undone. Jawbone Up is more attractive than Flex. Some of its users sometimes consider the feel and look rather than its price. However, as in this Fitbit flex review, you can quickly grow fond of its underestimated looks. It is not noticed easily and barely when worn and that is what several people will search in this type of device. The Fitbit has two components; the rubber wristband and a small rectangular case. The rubber wristband is the holder for the device brains and the second component slips inside the cutout on the bracelet. In short, Fitbit flex is very small and it actually deserves some credit for managing to compress all these necessary and important components into its size of a plastic material.

Fitbit Flex Review

The Fitbit flex has both merits and demerits. On the positive part, its rubber can be changed or replaced. Therefore, you can have as many bracelets as you want of different colors. On the other hand, it can be of annoyance frequently to keep on removing this flex tracker from its wristband at every time you want to charge its unit that does actually become a chore to you. In addition, its batteries only last for about five to six days before it has recharged, which takes over three hours to be fully charged.

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Lastly on this Fitbit flex review, Fitbit flex also has an advantage of waterproof so people can wear it under any climatic condition without any problems. You can wear it while taking your shower or in the rain. Its company claims that flex is not yet rated for meters, therefore it can designed for the daily water situations instead swimming session.Did you consider a FitBit Zip as a alternative?

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