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FitBit Aria Review

This is a quick overview of the FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measures your weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI) to paint a full picture of your weight trends. This Wi-Fi enabled scale helps you reach your weight goals by allowing you to set fitness goals, track your progress effortlessly, and stay motivated each and every day that you step onto the scale. Your stats will be automatically uploaded to your FitBit dashboard through its connection to your home Wi-Fi network, where you can get a more comprehensive view of your health and fitness and even track your eating habits and exercise progress.

FitBit Aria Smart Scale

Set up is quick and easy; the scale can be set up to automatically recognize up to 8 users within your household. You can check your progress from your computer or with a free smartphone app. The scale is available in your choice of black or white. The Aria scale runs for months on four AA batteries (included in package). Overall, owners of the Aria are very pleased with the product, but be aware that some users have issues with the initial setup. If you do happen to run into trouble, FitBit’s tech support group is quick to help.

Product Features at a Glance

  • Scale measures weight, BMI, and body fat percentage
  • Uses Wi-Fi to upload stats automatically to
  • Scale recognizes up to 8 users
  • Set weight goals with daily calorie plan
  • Log food and other workouts
  • Chart your progress with free online graphs and tools
  • Free iPhone and Android apps
  • One-year limited warranty

A few of this product’s owners had the following words to say: “Now that the scale is connected to my WiFi network I have to say it is very well designed, and will most likely be a great motivator and tool for my wife and I to keep track of our progress. Having said that, FitBit needs to take a serious look at their Windows Aria Scale install utility.

I am VERY experienced with computers and home networks, and struggled for hours attempting to get the device to connect to my home wifi network. I followed the instructions to the letter. THAT is where I went wrong. I submitted a help request and waited all through the long Memorial Day weekend and just today got a response that advised me that I should use a tablet or smartphone to install the scale. The different approach worked perfectly.

The big difference is that you use your smartphone or tablet to log onto the “Aria” network that it broadcasts when first powered up. The link they provided worked perfectly and advises the user to jump between logging onto the scale and giving it your wifi password and then back to your home wifi to finish the process. Obviously their PC install software needs to be fixed. I am including the link here which I wish I had from the beginning:”

Customer Reviews

“Love it. Use it every day. Setup was quick and easy and it syncs effortlessly. My wife and daughter have similar weights and builds and sometimes it is unsure who the user is, but the conflict resolution is pretty intuitive, especially after the first time. The only trouble I had was after I took it out of town and had to connect it to a different network, I had trouble getting it re-connected to my home network. Switching from the app-based setup to the web-based setting straightened that out for me with little trouble. That’s the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars.”

FitBit Aria Smart Scale Review

“This scale is a great addition to anyone who uses a Fitbit. I’m a taller guy who is roughly 250 lbs and this scale bears my weight just fine. It’s pretty precise regarding my weight and will even calculate one’s body fat percentage. The battery life is phenomenal – over a month thus far with multiple weigh-ins per day and my Fitbit App says it still has full power. You can also have multiple users who use the scale, and it will identify them automatically (I’m not sure exactly how it does this, but it does!).

It also syncs with your Fitbit App on your phone and/or computer.The one flaw I’ve found is that the body fat percentage seems to fluctuate +/- 5% on consecutive days of weighing myself, so I’m not sure how precise that feature is. The setup is a little cumbersome and can take some patience, but once it’s set up there’s nothing else to mess with. But otherwise, this is a fantastic scale and a great addition for anyone using a Fitbit.”

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“I’ve bought the Fitbit Aria Scale in black to keep on track of our weight. The setup is easiest from a mobile device using the web interface, the scale detected our network which is WPA2 protected quickly and set itself up. After that and me stepping onto the scale the first time the scale automatically updated itself to the latest firmware and was ready for our household. The user detection works very well and it just prompts with a quick tap which user just stepped onto the scale.

We have been using the scale now for a month and it accurately tracks our progress and I can also see that the body fat measure appears accurate as it doesn’t fluctuate at all and just steadily moves in small steps as my weight decreases – the key piece is that I always weight myself at the same time of day in the morning after getting out of bed which will add to the accuracy. Overall the scale looks very sleek and fits well into the bathroom and the automatic sync to the fitbit website really helps to chart and see your progress.”

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