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Sporty-elegant appearance of the Huawei GT3

Sporty-elegant appearance of the Huawei GT3

The third edition of Huawei’s GT series looks much more classic and elegant than the previous series. The case is again offered with 4.2 centimeters or 4.6 centimeters. There is a sportier active edition for both variants. For a woman’s wrist, the large version looks quite bulky, but the classic look is pleasing. The crown on the side is new. The new design looks classic.


Pairing worked fine with my iPhone 13 Pro. It looked different with an Android 10 smartphone at first: The smartwatch could not be recognized. For this, the Huawei Health app had to be updated via the App Gallery Store, because no update was available in the Google Play Store. It only worked after installing the APK file.

Health features of the Huawei GT3

The health features are comprehensive. They also include sleep monitoring, which, however, could not convince. According to the smartwatch, I slept for almost 8 hours during a night in which I lay awake for a very long time and tossed and turned. 5 to 6 hours would probably be more realistic. The measurement of the body temperature also caused a frown: According to the Watch GT 3, my values fluctuated a lot and dropped to an unrealistic 30 degrees Celsius during the day.

In addition, the Chinese have installed eight light sensors that measure health data such as heartbeat, pulse, sleep, SpO2 (blood oxygen content) and stress level. AI algorithms are used to create individual training plans based on personal fitness, which change dynamically.

Battery life of the Huawei GT3

Huawei promises a battery life of up to two weeks.

That did not quite come true in the test. The battery lasted about one and a half weeks – with a constant Bluetooth connection, smart notifications, short workouts, and various health monitors.

Sports functions

The GT3 offers over 100 workout modes, including twelve outdoor workouts. Those who like to record routes will be pleased with the reliability of the GPS module. The route did not contain any gaps. The connection outside is established in about 15 seconds. That is fast enough without any problems.

The display shows the covered path with the option to be guided back to the starting point. The recorded route can be saved or exported.

Details of the Huawei GT3

Case with 4.2 or 4.6 cm, Amoled with 466 x 466 pixels, telephony via Bluetooth, GPS, altitude barometer, with about 100 training modes, waterproof to 5 ATM. Android and iOS compatible, HarmonvOS 2.1

Conclusion on the Huawei Watch GT3

An all-rounder that also demonstrates its usefulness during hikes and bike tours. However, the sleep analysis and temperature measurement were not convincing.

If you’re convinced or not yet, please feel free to check the price or buy from amazon by clicking here.

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