6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas

6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas

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In today’s modern world, it is essential to make sure your child is staying safe, keeping active, and having fun. If you are looking for an easy way to achieve this, why not gift them the best smartwatch at Christmas?

Smartwatch is the wave of the future, offering fun, a lot of apps, and convenience. If you are thinking of giving your child a smartwatch as a gift, you need to do some research. For kids, the line between a mere toy and a practical watch is fine.

Don’t worry because we are here for you! With our comprehensive guide to the best kids’ smartwatch gift ideas, you will see which are on the tip for tracking the child’s whereabouts, playing games, or counting their steps.

Let’s first start with why you should invest in a smartwatch for your kid.

Is Investing in a Kid’s Smartwatch a Good Idea?

If you have ever purchased a smartwatch yourself, you have an idea of how useful and convenient it is – the same thing is for kids. It is an excellent alternative to mobile phones, particularly for young kids.

Often, giving a phone to your kid is not good – children are not responsible or mature enough to have one. However, smartwatches are less costly, securely attached to wrists, and have less access to inappropriate content.

Various smartwatches for kids have SOS buttons, GPS trackers, and educational games. They will help you track your child when they are with friends or at school. Even some will allow for two-way calling, help you stay in contact.

Besides, a smartwatch is ideal for your older children. For six years and above, smartwatches offer calendars, timers, and fitness trackers that give your youngster the independence they desire for.

If you are looking for Christmas smartwatch gift ideas for adults or older children I recommend my reviews here: 10 Best Multisport Smartwatch Gift Ideas for Christmas.

Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas for Christmas in 2020

With a variety of watches to choose from, we took help from expert sites, user reviews, and features to narrow down to a brief list of best smartwatches for your kids.

Are you excited to know? Let’s start!

Please be aware that I have shown you below the watches in only one color. Usually for all the watches colors more suitable for boys and girls are also available.

Smartwatch Title Special Features Color Rating Weight Dimension Price at Amazon
Karaforna Kid’s Game Smartwatch Phone Overall Choice Two-way calling, music, and camera features, fun games, ease of use Black 3.7 2.08 ounces 4.3 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches


Check here
Themoemoe Kids’ Smartwatch GPS Tracker GPS tracker, phonebook and calls, parental function and camera, and SOS Black and Blue 4.0 2.89 ounces 4.25 x 3.62 x 1.1 inches


Check here
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX Smartwatch Camera Excellent camera, valuable functioning, splash-proof, challenges and games Pink, Purple, Blue, and Camouflage 4.4 15.2 ounces 0.6 x 8.82 x 1.8 inches


Check here
ProGrace Kids’ Smartwatch Best for Boys Built-in fitness tracker, rotatable camera, interesting games, music player, and earphone port Blue and Pink 4.0 1.6 ounces 9.2 x 1.6 x 0.6 inches Check here
VTech Star Wars BB-8 Smartwatch Best Themed Choice Fun effects of camera, Star-Wars-themed sound effects, space-inspired activities Bb-8 4.6 1 ounce 0.6 x 8.82 x 1.8 inches


Check here
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 2 Best for Girls Motion apps, fun games, learn about time, and photo effects Blue, Pink, Purple, and Camouflage 4.5 7.7 ounces 8.9 x 0.7 x 1.8 inches Check here


Karaforna Kid’s Game Smartwatch Phone

6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas 1

For the best kids’ smartwatch, we selected this beauty from Karaforna. It is appropriate for kids 4 to 10 years of age.

This smartwatch has a total of nine functions and apps. Thanks to its two-way calling feature, you can quickly call your kid at any time. Your child can record their voice or snap photos for studies or fun.

This smartwatch includes a memory card where you can upload music. There are numerous useful features, including fun learning games that can make your child feel more independent.

Features of Karaforna Kid’s Game Smartwatch Phone

Two-Way Calling

Because of its two-way calling feature, you can easily stay in contact with your kid all the time. Your child can make or receive calls from a total of 10 contacts. But you cannot change the names – they will be saved as Contact 1, Contact 2, Contact 3, and so on.

Pressing the power button two times will send an SOS in case of emergencies. The smartwatch will call the specific emergency numbers until someone answers the call.

Music and Camera Features

Your child can record their regular life using this smartwatch. It has an audio-record feature and a camera so that your kid can record voice messages or snap photos for themselves. This watch comes with a 1 GB Micro SD Memory card so that everything can be saved easily.

This smartwatch also works as an MP3 player. Your child can upload their favorite music from their laptop and save it on the memory card. The sound quality is excellent, and it also has volume control.

Fun Games and Other Functions

There is a total of seven pre-installed learning games in this smartwatch. They are relatively easy to play. These games promote quick responses, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking.

Other features of this smartwatch include a calculator and an alarm clock.

Ease of Use

Wearing this watch is cool. There is an entirely adjustable strap, and the package comes with a 1 GB micro SD card, a USB charging cable, and a user manual.

Keep in Mind

No Contact Names

Many parents wish there should be an option to name the contacts. It would help the child to see who is calling.

Additional Specifications

SOS Call Yes
Camera Yes
GPS Tracker No
Touch Screen Yes
Recommended Age 4 – 10 years

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Themoemoe Kids’ Smartwatch

6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas 2

If your kid is small and you want to track their activity when they are not home, this Themoemoe smartwatch is best for you. It has an excellent GPS tracker that offers accurate information. It is ideal for a kid with 4 – 12 years of age.

In addition to the GPS feature, you can keep in touch with the wearer all the time. When connected to a compatible app, you can easily add a contact to the smartwatch so that your kid can call when required.

Your child can click photos with its front camera. Thanks to its sneaking functioning through which you can hack in and check their location. It is an ideal product for parental control, offering fun and valuable features for your youngster.

Features of Themoemoe Kids’ Smartwatch

GPS Tracker

With this watch, you will see exactly where your child is at all the time. It uses a GPS positioning system based on AGPS or Assisted GPS.

It offers real-time info about the location of your child accurately. You can connect the smartwatch to the phone with the help of an app to access the GPS information.

Phonebook and Calls

This watch has a feature of two-way calling so you can easily keep in contact with your child and vice versa when needed. Themoemoe comes with a pre-installed phonebook for all the important contacts required. Also, it is managed by you through an app while setting up the watch.

Parental Function and Camera

In addition to your child using the camera to snap or record anything, you can also get an advantage. With the app, you can open its camera remotely. It helps you see where the wearer is and what they are doing.

The quality of the photos taken is excellent. They are clear with a high definition.

SOS and No Disturb

While using the app, you can set particular no disturb times for when your child is at school. When this feature is on, your kid cannot use the watch or attend calls. However, if there is any danger, they can use the SOS button that sends calls and notifications to specific numbers.

Keep in Mind

Not Goof for Older Children

Though the recommended age for this watch is 4 – 12, other parents recommend you not to purchase it for older kids because it does not include those functions appealing to children above seven years of age

Poor Instructions

The instructions are not helpful, mainly for the SIM card. But there are images, which can help you a little.

Additional Specifications

SOS Call Yes
Camera Yes
GPS Tracker Yes
Touch Screen Yes
Recommended Age 4 – 12 years

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Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas 3

Some kids like capturing photos, so for them, a smartwatch like this can be loved. This Vtech Kidizoom DX provides you with the best camera functioning on this list.

In addition to the camera, this smartwatch has a lot to offer. It has built-in functions, including a calendar, timer, and alarm clock. It allows the person to take some control; it helps the kid feel independent.

Your child can have a lot of fun. There are activities and challenges controlled by the built-in motion sensor. This smartwatch is best for kids with 4 to 9 years of age.

Features of Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Excellent Camera

Whether your child loves taking pictures or into photography, the camera of Vtech Kidizoom DX is excellent. It offers high quality, and there is an option to add effect to the photo. Besides, it can record audio and videos, and it has a voice-changing effect.

This smartwatch has a significant amount of storage. But it is great to move the data files to a laptop using the USB cable that comes along with it for continuously using it

Valuable Functioning

While using the watch, your kid can have some independence due to a variety of functions. It includes an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and a timer. Besides, there is a calculator and calendar, too.

Besides, it has multiple layers for the analogue clock. The wearer can change the look with almost 50 displays to select from.


The smartwatch is splash-proof, or your child can play with it while raining or get sweaty when wearing this watch. But remember it is not waterproof – never submerge it in water and don’t forget to remove it before bathing or showering.

Challenges and Games

There are three action challenges, three activities, and five games in this smartwatch. There is a built-in motion sensor that records the progress of the wearer.

Keep in Mind

Heavy Watch

Both the band and the watch are quite heavy. This smartwatch does not look discreet while wearing, mainly on younger kids.

No Parental Control

As compared to other smartwatches, this watch does not have any parental control. You cannot lock it for school time, and there is no GPS tracker.

Additional Specifications

SOS Call No
Camera Yes
GPS Tracker No
Touch Screen Yes
Recommended Age 4 – 9 years

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ProGrace Kids’ Smartwatch

6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas 3

I highly recommend going for this ProGrace watch if you have an active boy. It is a great watch, full of functions and features. It is appropriate for kids 4 to 12 years of age.

With the help of this smartwatch, the child can keep a record of the steps they take daily. While walking, the wearer can listen to the built-in FM radio or their favorite music. You will not get disturbed due to its function as an earphone port.

There is a lot to do with this smartwatch. There is a flashlight, a rotatable camera, and various games. Besides, it has an outstanding design – a bright strap and a large touch screen, it is the best eye-catcher watch.

Features of ProGrace Kids’ Smartwatch

Built-in Fitness Tracker

This watch comes with built-in motion sensors, so you and your kid can track their calories and steps. It is best for active children, especially boys, and helps them make healthy habits.

Rotatable Camera

The camera of this watch can rotate at the right angle, permitting the wearer to take front-faced pictures or selfies. It is easy to regulate the angle, but you need to install a micro SD card – otherwise, the images are not saved.

Four Interesting Games

Your little champ can have a lot of fun with four pre-installed games. These games include Brave Money, Ninja Run Online, Welcome the God of Wealth, and Whac-A-Mole. This watch has a touch screen; thus, playing and accessing games is easy.

Music Player and Earphone Port

When you insert a memory card, you can upload the favorite tunes of your kid to the smartwatch. Due to its earphone port, they can enjoy music without disturbing you. Besides, there are speakers, so when your kid is with their friends, they can listen at full volume.

Keep in Mind

Only 24-Hour Time Format

This watch does not show 12-hour time; it displays the 24-hour time. It is not a significant problem for older kids, but smaller children may find it challenging to find out.

Hard to Insert a Memory Card

When you want to insert the memory card, you need to open the backside of the smartwatch and remove the battery. Some parents did not feel easy doing so as they were afraid of breaking something.

Additional Specifications

SOS Call No
Camera Yes
GPS Tracker No
Touch Screen Yes
Recommended Age 4 – 12 years

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VTech Star Wars BB-8 Smartwatch

6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas 5

If your kid is a Star Wars lover, get this VTech Star Wars smartwatch for them. This VTech is an excellent choice for little children. It is suitable for kids 5 to 9 years of age.

This smartwatch is ready to venture into the galaxy far away. It comes with a BB-8 themed band and more goodies inside. With different photo and sound effects, your kid can feel like a Jedi Master.

To restore equality and peace in the galaxy, they can swing a battle or lightsaber against Stormtroopers. Besides, there are beneficial features for kids in school, such as a calendar and alarm clock.

Features of VTech Star Wars BB-8 Smartwatch

Fun Effects of Camera

Let your child figure out their creativity by taking videos and photos with different photo effects of Star Wars. This watch can save almost 11 one-minute videos or 1600 images.

Star Wars-Themed Sound Effects

In addition to taking excellent pictures, this smartwatch comes with a built-in motion sensor, that triggers Star War-themed and cool sound effects. When your kid swings their arm, it sounds like a droid, spaceship, or a lightsaber.

Space-Inspired Activities

The users can challenge themselves with three small activities of this smartwatch. They can race with BB-8, escape the Stormtroopers, or blast asteroids. Also, there is a voice recorder with different voice-changing effects, so your little one can sound similar to a galaxy native.

Other Outstanding Features

Other than the Star Wars features, this watch includes a calendar, calculator, timer, stopwatch, and alarm clock. The clock shows time in AM and PM format. Your little champ can customize the watch with 30 designs to choose from.

Keep in Mind

Hard to Take Photos

The positioning of the camera is in a difficult spot. It is not appropriate for taking pictures. You need to remove it from the wrist for the best angle.

Additional Specifications

SOS Call No
Camera Yes
GPS Tracker No
Touch Screen Yes
Recommended Age 5 – 9 years

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VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas 6

This VTech smartwatch of pink or bright purple color is the best choice for girls with 4 to 12 years of age. It is the latest version of the previous DX, and the main difference includes an additional selfie camera and a more sleek design.

It comes with motion sensors with fun games and motion apps using the camera. If required, you can download more.

The effects of the camera have got a lot of praise from many parents. The wearers can add to the phots and change their voices on different videos. This smartwatch is best for telling time, and your kid can customize the display of the clock.

Features of VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Motion Apps

This watch comes with a built-in motion sensor that adds information to the two motion apps. These apps are Crazy Dance, Racing Run, and Funky Jump that inspire the user to dance, run, and jump. As they participate in different activities, the smartwatch can play fun sound effects while monitoring the steps.

Fun Games

There are five exciting games on this watch. Monster Catcher is one of them where a player needs to find and catch the monsters in the real-world with the help of cameras. Noodle Booster is another pre-installed game in the watch, which is a logic puzzle game.

Besides, you can download more games for this smartwatch from the Learning Lodge.

Learn about Time

This smartwatch is not only about playing games – it can help teach a kid the concept of time. The children can customize the digital clock or analogue with more than 55 multiple designs. They can schedule a date with a calendar, use a timer, or set alarms.

Photo Effects

Let your child’s creativity move around fun video and photo effects. Your little champ can add frames, filters, and stamps to the videos and photos. After that, you can upload them to the laptop.

Keep in Mind

No Quiet Option

Though you can set the watch’s volume, it does not go entirely quiet. It is not best to wear while going to school or other spaces where controlling volume is a must.

Additional Specifications

SOS Call No
Camera Yes
GPS Tracker No
Touch Screen Yes
Recommended Age 4 – 12 years

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Additional Features Comparison Chart of Smartwatches

Smartwatch SOS Call Camera GPS Tracker Touch Screen Recommended Age
Karaforna Kid’s Game Smartwatch Phone Yes Yes No Yes 4 – 10 years
Themoemoe Kids’ Smartwatch Yes Yes Yes Yes 4 – 12 years
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX No Yes No Yes 4 – 9 years
ProGrace Kids’ Smartwatch No Yes No Yes 4 – 12 years
VTech Stars Wars BB-8 Smartwatch No Yes No Yes 5 – 9 years
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 2 No Yes No Yes 4 – 12 years

I hope this review on the 6 Best Kids Smartwatch Gift Ideas For Christmas here on SmallSmartWatch.com was helpful. Also, check out our other reviews.


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