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Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar – A Swiss Quality Smartwatch

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar – A Swiss Quality Smartwatch

The special thing about the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

If connecting your smartwatch to charge it every evening for you is such a hassle as it is for us, then you should definitely have a closer look at the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar.

As you might know, Tissot ( is a famous high-quality Swiss brand belonging to the Swiss „Swatch Group“ (stock-exchange listed) watchmaking group. It now has developed this special piece of watchmaking that stands out against other smartwatches because of its ultra-long living battery power but nevertheless is sporting almost all well-liked smartwatch features of today.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar
Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar is said to have a battery power longevity of up to half a year without recharging. As the name of the smartwatch hints, this is mainly due to the solar feature. The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar gets much of its power from in-built solar cells. Tissot uses this greenest energy to power its whole T-Touch collection: Expert Solar and Connect Solar. Thanks to small solar panels placed under the dial of the watch, the captured light is stored in a battery. Normally, the energy needed to power a quartz watch comes from a battery, but here the energy comes from natural or artificial light. Thanks to this sustainable technology, Tissot develops watches with an autonomy of several months without ever needing to be recharged.

The watch is a hybrid watch. Its display is separated into an upper traditional watch part with hands and a lower part where all messages are displayed. This non-usual, not full smartwatch display adds a lot to saving the necessary energy for its longevity battery power of up to half a year.

Features of the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

Being focused on that feature, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar nevertheless sports the following additional features.

+ Waterproof up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 meters/330 feet)
+ perpetual calendar
+ countdown
+ chronometry,
+ alarms
+ weather report
+ altimeter
+ Activity tracker
+ notifications about messages or calls (The information is displayed on a MIP (Memory in Pixel) screen that is perfectly readable even outdoors.)

Features you might miss compared to a modern smartwatch are the following.

– There is no NFC.
– No eSIM.

The watch is made mainly of ceramic. This material is known as one of the hardest and has been used by Tissot for decades. It is perfect for the external components of watches that are exposed to scratches and impacts in everyday life. Ceramic is composed of aluminum oxide and zirconium, among others, which means that it never oxidizes even in the long run. Thus, the watch never loses its radiance. It is known for its hypoallergenic properties and is suitable for all wrists.

Promo movie of the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

See the promo movie of the watch here:

Conclusion and recommendation

We have no doubt about the watch’s quality: They grant a 2 years international warranty.
If you are focused on long battery life, then the Tissot T-Connect Solar is THE smartwatch for you.
You can check Amazon‘s price by CLICKING HERE.

However, if you like more functionalities and don‘t mind recharging your smartwatch every or all two or three days then you will find other smartwatches in the same price range.

For other Tissot watches click here: Amazon Tissot Watch Store

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