Huawei Watch 3 – all-rounder smartwatch with long-lasting battery life

Huawei Watch 3 – all-rounder smartwatch with long-lasting battery life

Huawei launches the Watch 3 in two versions, one of them with the appendage “Pro”, which differs in its materials.

We tested a Pro device, which is made of titanium and ceramic.


The very first thing that stands out when unpacking and getting hold of the watch is the dimensions: With 45×49.6×14 millimeters, it is not suitable for slim wrists.

Details of the Huawei Watch 3: 1.43-inch AMOLED, 466×466 pixels, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, HarmonyOS.

The touchscreen comes with 30 pre-installed versions to choose from. Apart from that, you have the possibility to download another 1000+ from the Huawei Watch Face Store. Additionally, you could also record your own short movie of 5 – 10 seconds to be shown as background on your touchscreen.

Getting started and using the Huawei Watch 3

Besides the touchscreen, two buttons take care of the controls. One of them is the pushable and rotatable crown. The rotation is primarily intended for scrolling on the display; however, it can also be used to zoom in the apps’ grid view, even accompanied by haptic feedback. The bottom button starts the training mode, but can also be assigned another function.

Getting started is easiest with a Huawei phone: With a Huawei smartphone, you only have to start the watch and select the language for the two to connect. With other Android smartphones, the classic Bluetooth pairing is used. When we tried connecting with an iPhone we had some trouble. There is not enough space to go into detail, but one thing is for sure: This smartwatch is not designed for use with iOS.

Huawei Watch 3 -
Huawei Watch 3 –


The display operates at a refresh rate of 60 hertz. The great animations, bright colors, sharp graphics, and responsiveness are thoroughly convincing. However, there are also downsides. For example, the synchronization between the smartphone and the smartwatch works impeccably for push messages – but that is about it: To reply to a message, for example, the smartphone has to be taken out of the pocket in any case. Huawei’s “AppGallery” is preinstalled and the manufacturer naturally hopes that developers will support this platform. However, big names like Spotify are still missing.

NFC is available and Huawei Pay works.

Fitness and health functions of the Huawei Watch 3

For fitness and health functions, the Huawei Watch is equipped with all relevant sensors: they measure the heart rate, the oxygen saturation in the blood, breathing and body temperature, and of course physical activities. If you now think that the battery will suffer from this display and all these functions, you will be proven wrong, because it lasts up to five days. If most measurements are waived in UltraSave mode, it manages up to three weeks.

Conclusion on the Huawei Watch 3

This smartwatch has everything it needs. Moreover, it pleases both visually and haptically. Unfortunately, third-party support is still poor at the moment.

If you are considering buying the Huawei Watch 3 you might want to check the price here on amazon.

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