Best Tennis Smartwatch 2020: Top Wearables to Buy for Tennis Players

Best Tennis Smartwatch 2020: Top Wearables to Buy for Tennis Players

So, you are looking for the perfect smartwatch for your Tennis career, but you can’t pick the right one?

Truth be told, the technology used on the tennis court has drastically changed over the past decade. Now, we have sensors, fitness analyzers, smart wrist bands, and yes, smartwatches.

With all these devices flooding the market, it becomes difficult deciding which tool you need most to improve your game.

However, smartwatches are among the most valuable gadgets you can have as a tennis player. They help track your health and performance both on and off the court, ensuring you are in the best state.

Below, we’ve highlighted and analyzed our top three best smartwatches for 2020.

Take a look; 

1. Best Tennis Smartwatch 2020: Apple Watch + Swing app

Apple Watch Series 5 -

If you’re looking for a smartwatch to satisfy more than just your Tennis needs, then Apple’s watch is your device.

This watch is an amazing waterproof, fitness tracker, that comes in handy during workouts and physical activities sessions. It measures your heart rate, calorie burn-out rate, and even has pace alerts to help you when running.

Combined with the Swing app, this smartwatch becomes one of the most powerful tennis technologies out there. The Swing App utilizes AI and machine learning to give you a tennis experience like that of the pros.

Key features of the Apple Watch + Swing App combination

  • Shot and swing tracking – This watch allows you to track your shot and swing movement during your games and gives you a summary of your performance. You get an overview of your acceleration, tilt angles, rotations, etc.
  • Smart coaching – The swing app keeps track of all your winning shots and distinguishes the most effective ones. By the end of your game, you’ll get a detailed analysis indicating which of your lobs, smashes, or drop shots were effective.
  • Fitness tracker – During your workout, whether you’re running or at the gym, the watch tracks your heart rate, calories, and running distance, and sends the report to your smartphone.
  • Serve speed – Arguably, the most important feature, this watch monitors your wrist acceleration to register your serve speed. At the end of the game, it shows you the average speed, and the target to attain the winning serves.

When it comes to design, the Apple Watch is nothing short of impressive. It runs on a 64-bit dual processor, and a 35% larger OLED display screen compared to other Apple watches. The body has a stainless-steel gold finish, though the aluminum option is still available.

It also comes with an impressive walkie talkie feature, which makes it easier to communicate with your opponent.

Note: This app is available for iOS only!

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If you don’t like the Apple watches you might want to check out our review of the Top 5 Alternatives to Apple Watch.

2. Best Tennis Smartwatch 2020: Fitbit Versa smartwatch

Best Tennis Smartwatch 2020: Top Wearables to Buy for Tennis Players 1

Fitbit has been a leader in the fitness tracking industry for a long time now. Their experience in this industry is what makes their Fitbit Versa Smartwatch perfect for tennis players.

The smartwatch is not only more affordable than most other fitness smartphones, but its tennis app is also way better. The smartwatch comes in a sleek, apple-like design, though thinner and more compact.

It’s great for tennis players because it works both during workouts and during the games.

Key features of the Fitbit Versa smartwatch

Once you’ve installed the tennis app on the smartwatch, here’s what is in store for you.

  • Score tracking feature – This watch saves you the trouble of remembering the scores, or keeping track of who’s serving. Thanks to its design, you can easily update your score by tapping on the screen or pressing the hardware buttons. You can also undo the scores up to five points back!
  • Match rule configurations – Whether you want to play 4, 6 or 8 games per set, you can easily configure the changes on the Fitbit smartwatch. The app also allows using a 10pt tiebreaker as opposed to a full deciding set!
  • Auto-sync on Fitbit app – Fitbit tennis automatically syncs all your tennis sessions into your exercise data on your Fitbit app. This includes the calories burned, heart rate run time, distance covered, etc.
  • Match review – The Fitbit app allows you to pause a game and review the statistics of your performance. The stats are also available after the match is over. You get a review of the points you scored, breakpoints you won, breakpoints won by opponents, maximum heart rate, and even the match scores of your previous three games.

This smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android apps. It also has an inbuilt Alexa assistant to provide you with quick updates.

Its sleep score feature also tracks your sleeping activity and gives you personal insights on your habits, for best performance on the court.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that the Fitbit Versa isn’t the best smartphone for messaging or receiving notifications. Its battery life is also a bit shorter than other Fitbit devices.

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3. Best Tennis Smartwatch 2020: Pulse Play

Pulse Play is a special case. I believe it is no longer available to buy, which is a pity. As from my experience, this one is the best tennis watch you can get your hand on. It came out of a project on indiegogo. Unfortunately, the project is closed. If you’ve been playing tennis for a while, Pulse Play is a name you’ve probably heard several times among professionals and amateurs alike.

Three-time Grand Slam doubles champion Andy Ramm created this slim, lightweight, comfortable watch, to give both amateurs and recreational tennis players professional experience.

Key features of the Pulse Play

The watch stands out in both functionalities and uniqueness, making it a must-have product for all tennis players. Here are some great features;

  • Scores tracker – The pulse play smartwatch allows you to easily update and track your scores with just one click of a button. This way, you don’t have to keep wondering who’s keeping track of the scores. What’s more, once you update the scores, it also reflects on your opponent’s pulse wrist band. Say goodbye to scores disputes!
  • Live scores announcer – That’s right. With Pulse Play, you get to have your results announced, just like in the real games! The watch is inbuilt with more than 50 different announcer voices, allowing you to choose whichever you like.
  • Player finder – Finding opponents who are at the same playing level as you can be hard. But not with the Pulse play player finder. This feature allows you to locate other players based on their levels and location, regardless of where you are! It can never be easier than this!
  • Ranking system – If you want to know how good you are compared to other players; Pulse play’s ranking system will do just that. You can create public and private leagues, and win your way up to the top. You can also see your ranking in your city/town and worldwide.
  • Match history – The watch also stores the stats for your game. Everything from scores, to head to head analysis and even the time you spent is recorded on the app and sent to your smartphone.

That said, it’s important to note that for Pulse play to work, your smartphone should be active and connected to the internet. Your opponent must also have a Pulse play band to relay the results.

Pulse play was available on both Android and iOS, and came in a variety of colors. Maybe you get some used ones on any internet marketplace. I would very much appreciate if you could leave any information you have on that in the comments section. Thanks a lot for that!

Final thoughts

When playing tennis, you need to be aware of your performance to improve. That’s why you need a good smartwatch. Depending on your choice, your smartwatch can give you an analysis of your health performance, your shots, your scores, your serves, and, most importantly, your match history.

With this data, you can determine the areas that need improvement and work on them. The watches recommended here in “Best Tennis Smartwatch 2020: Top Wearables to Buy for Tennis Players” on are among the best in the industry for tennis players.

So, don’t waste more time looking for a better watch, buy any of them today, and start preparing yourself for your tennis success.

With enough practice, you might just be ready to play in the Wimbledon sooner than you think.

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