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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review

According to the previous users, having the Roku boxes along with the website-enabled HDTVs, it’s undeniable that the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart scale item is absolutely a perfect choice at any case. Also, we’ve got no question at all as it comes to the you will be connected to the Internet at home. This reality can make us so satisfied with it. In addition, there will be a brand new gadget here having the Wi-Fi bathroom scale that is designed for our abode invasion.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Better Analysis and Better Motivation Such a trend would spread out all over the world kind of fast, especially when the Fitbit Aria here is promised to record the overall weight, or the BMI by showing the specific body fat percentage. Besides, what we’re told about this great tool is how capable it becomes to shoot the stats to the cloud for more detailed update as well as for the user’s better motivation. This is properly what you truly desire to know about the tool.

Highly Modern and Clean Design This is easily seen at first sight, I promise. Speaking of the outlook or the design of this produce, I’m pretty sure that you will definitely love the so-called amazing bathroom scales. Now it’s completely possible to go shopping all alone for one. Want badly to have a quick look into such a highly modern and clean design of the tool? Just do it, and you surely get struck by its appearance. Just like any other commercial scale, the Fitbit Aria here is sort of flat and square-shaped one.

As for it own weight here, it’s approximately 4.3 pounds in total, and we’re told about the primary sensing platform that can measure 12.3 inches by 12.3 inches. It also sits 1.3 inches on the floor.

All-Glass Construction With Quality Building

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review

People would agree that it’s actually the all-class construction within the Fitbit Aria, not to mention about its truly high quality building. Feel free to test it just to see how it is going to be like when in use. The smoky-colored surface here is supposed to be kind of detailed and sophisticated. In reality, you might prefer the individual style here more than any of its competitors out there.

To be honest, the Aria here is absolutely a pound lighter, but its quality can totally make you feel extremely higher. Especially, you will be soon fond of the underside of its, which is stated to be made from a pattern of all 16 bubble-liked protrusion. Watching it closely, it’s easy to detect the presence of the silvery metal ring right onto the center encircling one backlit LCD that can show all information.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale Review

As expected, the display is totally capable of showing the weight of your own. Apart from that, the other important notifications will be displayed together with the status of the battery. Wi-Fi signal status and the general progress of different tasks here ranging from weight measurement to the body composition would be all available as well. Excited about getting one already? Just come and see the difference when using it.


The good points here of the Fitbit would be certainly how sleek and appealing it really is as it comes to the so easy to install feature here. Besides, we know that it will help to integrate quite well with the other cloud-based fitness equipment.

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For Fitbit, the cost of $130 will be quite too many to pay for such a scale. Besides, the apps won’t be as powerful as expected like the other devices. Is there any certain thing that you’d like to ask about Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Reviews?

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