Withings ScanWatch (Steel HR Hybrid SmartWatch) Review

Withings ScanWatch (Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch) Review

The Withings ScanWatch Smartwatch is all about health. According to Withings, it is the world’s first clinically validated hybrid smartwatch that detects the risk of both atrial fibrillation and nocturnal breathing disorders. The ScanWatch was co-developed by cardiologists and sleep experts.

Behind the brand “Withings” is the former Nokia health team.

What’s so special about the Withings ScanWatch?

I like the Withings ScanWatch first of all for being a really good-looking smartwatch. It is one that I can easily wear with my business suit without having to hide plastic on my wrist.

The second specialty is the mentioned specific health functions.

ECG measurement of the Withings ScanWatch

ScanWatch was developed by cardiologists and sleep experts. To detect the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation, a 1-channel ECG is recorded on-demand, which is performed via three built-in electrodes. The heart rhythm is analyzed (slow, high or normal) and users can be alerted to possible arrhythmias.

Withings ScanWatch comes with an oximeter

In addition to ECG recording, ScanWatch offers a medically accurate oximeter thanks to its integrated SpO2 sensor. SpO2 stands for peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood. SpO2 measurement can be performed via ScanWatch – just like ECG recording – within 30 seconds on the wrist if required. A multi-wavelength sensor (PPG sensor) sends infrared light signals and scans the bloodstream. An algorithm then compares the reflections at each wavelength to calculate the SpO2 value.

The third very exceptional thing is the long-lasting battery that works for up to 25 days if you use it. There are an additional 20 days if you have the scanwatch running on power reserve mode.

Other functions

Apart from these rather special things the Withings smartwatch offers what you would expect from a smartwatch:

Tracking: It tracks your walking, running, swimming (see our review for another swim tracking watch here: Why Buy Garmin Swim 2 Smartwatch? Honest Review), and more than 30 activities in workout mode. Tracking works with connected GPS, enabling you to produce a map of your session. Strava integration is also provided. It has sleep tracking and notifies you of incoming messages and calls from your smartphone.

As I wrote, the Withings smartwatch helps you to keep track of your swimming, so logically it is water-resistant and this goes to 50 meters. This means you can go snorkeling or have showers with it. I never detected any condensation inside.

The smartwatch also offers sleep tracking in connection with your smartphone. Smartphone compatibility is given, also to iOS (iOS 10 and higher meaning iPhone 4S and more recent, iPod touch 5th generation and more recent, iPad 3rd generation and more recent).

What people say about the Withings ScanWatch

“The watch is comfortable to wear.”

“That said the battery life is amazing– I have no idea if it makes it 25 days because I always end up charging it before then whether it needs it or not. Not having to charge it daily is the biggest advantage of something like this over a normal smartwatch.”, “The battery life is great. Definitely 20+ days.»

“Functionally, you have to know what you’re getting. This is a fitness tracker with a small notification screen. It’ll tell you who’s calling and display the first part of text notifications. It’s nice, but this isn’t a real smartwatch with a screen for a face.”

“As far as the tracking, it seems to track my sleep reasonably well. The heart rate seems accurate.”

Our summary on the Withings ScanWatch

With the ScanWatch from Withings, you not only have a high-quality, classic-looking hybrid watch on your wrist, but you can also benefit from various health functions and impressive battery life. The Withings ScanWatch smartwatch is really focused on the health functions, I miss an improved fitness part a bit. However, that is not the main goal of the ScanWatch, since Withings focuses entirely on health functions with the ScanWatch. And that is where the hybrid watch can convince. Users who want to measure and monitor their health data can do so with modern technology and a surprising range of functions at a fair price.

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