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What Would You Like A Smartwatch To Do?

So what do we all expect from a smart watch? What are the smart watch functions we would like to see? Nearly all of us now carry a phone. So we don’t necessarily need a watch. The concept of the wearable computer has been around for years. In the 1940s you would see comic book characters make use of their watch for different absurd uses. Given the compact nature of today’s technology, there is the option to widen the smart watch functions available.

The smart watch has the capacity to revolutionize the way we live and the way we look at time. Take a look at any smart watch on the market today. You can see just how it could innovate the way we now live our lives. The internet has changed the way we transact and interact to the point that we need to be connected online 24/7.

So what are the smart watch functions available? First, it wouldn’t be called “smart” without an access to the online world. The internet has become part of our day to day functions. The smart watches sold should be easily connected to the internet. Therefore, here are some potential smart watch functions to expect.


No one should ever get lost today given the number of internet applications available. GPS or global positioning systems are widely distributed in new cars today. Thanks to internet access, it is easy to link your location to your destination. The smart watch now has the potential to do this. Of course, the question of size could be a problem. However, voice could be an immediate answer to this type of concern.


From phones to iPods, people just can’t get enough of their music. When we talk about smart watches, will there be a version that will allow softcopies to be saved? Or an internet radio version which could be more feasible? According to online reports, there are smart watches on the market that make use of both FM radio and internet radio.

Email and internet connection

This is possibly one of the most expected smart watch functions. There are brands like Pebble that will allow users to check their emails. This works by being connected to different gadgets like iPhones and Android smartphones. This way, you are notified when you receive an email.

Expandable Apps

As users we all have different needs. Which is why smart phones have various downloadable apps. This way we can customise to suit our own requirements. It is now common for us all to have different apps meant for our own lifestyle and daily functions. These apps can be downloaded and easily applied to the watches.

Phone connection

Remember the early cell phones? They looked and felt like a brick! Who would have thought that they could be as small as they are now? How much longer before they are the size of a watch?

In theory we should not be far from having an ‘all in one’ device. A watch that does all the above. But is also a camera. And a diary. And a games machine. And everything else we now expect from a smart phone. Except we can’t lose it, drop it or stand on it. Because it’s attached to our wrist like a watch!

Maybe you would now like to know more about the Samsung smart watch or watch phone? Or more about other smart watches? Or get back to basics and ask exactly what is a smart watch?

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