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What Would The Watchmaker Think About The Samsung Galaxy Gear?

Hamilton Powell is the Founder of Crown & Caliber company – the make luxury watches for the elite, but he just got hands on the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Let’s find out how this watchmaker will react to the test of the Galaxy Gear – a totally different device  – a Smart Watch!

This is going to be an interesting analysis and a unique piece of content around the web. As far as I can remember no one compared a 300$ watch with a luxury one. But don’t worry, the Galaxy Gear can win this battle.A Biased Review on Smartwatches?

I believe this could be a biased review because Hamilton is a Watch guy – that kind of people who evaluates watches not by their features, but by the coolness they have – but let’s hope he won’t get like that easily.

Analyzing The Gear


The Samsung Galaxy Gear is priced at 300$ (lowest you can find). A luxury watch would cost you more than 22.500$, like the Breguet Classique 7137. The Galaxy Gear Wins!


Hamilton believes Samsung has worked hard from outside to inside. The box is similar to those Luxury Brands tend to use and the design of the watch itself was made to give it a feel of simplicity and efficiency. In the other hand, the Breguet Classique holds the hand engraved dial which is something that, for obvious reasons, cannot be replicated in the Galaxy Gear.

All the other functions in the luxury deice like the moonphase, date and power reserve functions can easily be replicated on the Galaxy Gear.

Features & Functionality

The Galaxy Gear Can do almost anything and is very comfortable. Nontheless it must be charged at least weekly while the Breguet charges automatically with the hand movement. Hamilton adds that the Gear needs to be near the phone in order to the Bluetooth to work and he states this is a con – Personally I think it’s a pro as the Samsung Galaxy Gear will work if it’s far from the phone, but will “work even better” if it’s close to a phone.

Inside the Watches

Hamilton believes the best aspect of a watch is it’s movement – its engine. Okay, right here we must give him credit – the Breguet’s engine is beautiful, while the Galaxy Gear is just a mix of computer components.

In the end…You can’t compare a Luxury Watch with a Smartwatch. It’s comparing a Computer with a blackboard. The Galaxy gear will make you passionate for it due to it’s technology, while the Breguet will make you passionate for it’s design and movement.Solution: Get a Smartwatch and get a Breguet if you can afford.

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