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What Is A Smart Watch?

What is a smart watch? There are a number of factors that can help to define this. Through the years, there have been several evolution to the smart watch. Look at popular TV series like Knight Rider and the cartoon character Dick Tracey during the 1940s. You will see the heroes use their high tech watches that can communicate and ward off enemies. So what is a smart watch? A toy? A James Bond type gadget? Something to be seen only in comics? Not at all! This is no longer just a dream these days. Several companies are competing for their chunk of the smart watch market.

Recently, there has been a rumor that Samsung is getting into the smart watch business. They are producing what we all expect of a smart watch. It should have a touch screen and internet functions. Could this be true? Samsung have confirmed this but released no further details..

There are many additions that have changed the overall functionality of these gadgets. For instance, there is now a wireless headset functionality. So you can listen to your music through FM or internet radio.

So what is a smart watch or a smartwatch? It is a wrist watch that does more than tell the time. It is a mini computer. It can calculate, translate and even provide internet access. There are also some smart watches that go with mobile apps that are run by a mobile operating system.

History of Smart Watches

The history of smart watches started with the Japanese watch company Seiko. They provided the very first digital watch. This model from the 1970s had a programmable memory called memory bank. By the 1980s personal computers were becoming in demand. Seiko came up with a scheme to incorporate computing capabilities. They came up with a keyboard for data entry, though with limited characters. The D409 was not on the market for long.

Other brands have also become popular over the years. In the 1980s Casio came up with the successful computer watches. This was in addition to the models that had calculator capacities. In 2000, IBM produced the wristwatch run by Linux. By 2001-2002, these were sold for around $400. A price a little too dear for most of us at that time.What is a smart watch in terms of functions?

GPS Function

Most smart watches now have GPS tracking. So you can be located anywhere in the world that can connect to the internet.

Internet Radio

There are different ways to listen to music using a smart watch. There are those that run internet radios. There are also those that can tune into local FM radio stations. And of course work as an MP3 player.

Is This The Future Of Watches?

Very probably. The smart watch has the capacity to revolutionize everything and put the wristwatch back on the map.

We hope this has answered your question as to what is a smart watch? So now have a close look at the functions of a smart watch. And find out more about the Samsung smart watch, watch phone and other smart watches.

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