Sony Mobile SVR10 Wristband

There are a lot of smartwatches out there on the market. Each one has a unique set of features. Most of them, however, are aimed towards fitness-minded people.

They include features like step counting and BPM measurements. Some even have a virtual voice that gives encouragement and reads out notifications on your phone. But most are not built for people who just want an easier way to interface with their technology. Sony has fixed this problem with their Sony SWR10 Smartband.

Sony Mobile SVR10 Wristband

Upon first look, it looks a lot like other smartbands in terms of physical appearance. It has a thin, flexible body that bends to fit your wrists’ shape. It also has a rectangular hole where the electronic part goes. It snaps in when placed in the hole and the connection remains strong. The watch itself has all the usual fitness stuff included like accelerometers and heart rate measurement tools. And since it doesn’t have a screen, it has Bluetooth so it can link up with your phone. The app that accompanies the smartwatch runs on most modern smartphones.

Sony Mobile SVR10 Smart Band

Sony has a list, but to sum it up, your phone must support NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Profile. The latter is crucial, this is what allows the watch to passively submit data to your phone without your phone wasting its battery pinging your watch for information. This allows your phone to use very little battery power. There is a feature included that was meant for people who want a better way to interface with their technology.

Sony calls it the Life Bookmark. On the watch, there is a large silver button on the top. If you press it, it will save where you are, who you are with, what’s happening on your social networks, what you’re doing right now, and saves it as a “Life Bookmark”. Some people might think it’s a little invasive of their privacy, but you don’t have to push that button if you don’t want to.

Sony Mobile SVR10 Wristband Review

The smartwatch market is rapidly changing. It is starting to become like the smartphone market, where there is a need for a device for every type of person. Unfortunately in the smartwatch market, one size does not fit all. Each watch/band needs to be built towards a specific type of person.

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While most other companies are still focused on fitness-minded people, Sony has developed something better for everyone else. One day, there will be a smartwatch for all of us.

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