Maximise Your Workout With A Heart Rate Monitor

Maximise Your Workout With A Heart Rate Monitor

While it is one thing to feel how hard you work out during a period of intense exercise such as Cardio Tennis, it is another thing altogether to know all the facts. Working out with a Suunto heart rate monitor provides a complete picture of key information, including total calorie burn, duration and time spent working out in the different fitness zones.And you don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits of working out with a heart rate monitor.

“Even though I am far from fit I can work at my pace with my heart rate monitor,” says Jodie Higlett, 25, from Queensland. “At the end, I know all the facts including how many calories I have burnt and what levels I have worked at.” “I really enjoy cardio tennis and usually have a laugh and complain each workout,” she says.

Melissa Molnar from Bacchus Marsh in Victoria also loves using a heart rate monitor in her weekly Cardio Tennis workouts at Bacchus Marsh Tennis Club.

“It is an amazing workout – you always come away without any doubt that you have done some serious exercise,” she says. “The heart rate monitors give you real feedback of how hard you have worked and you can track progress and improvement.” Remember to grab your redemption card from your Cardio Tennis Coach or fitness trainer, claim your free Cardio Tennis T-Shirt and you can also redeem your very own Suunto heart rate monitor.

Some of the benefits are outlined below:


Your heart rate does not lie. Using a HRM during a Cardio Tennis workout means the deliverer can tailor your workout to how hard you are working and therefore make you accountable for your own fitness.

Personal Data

Your HRM will monitor only your heart rate and no one else’s. There is no guesswork required, which makes the results 100 percent personal.


When setup with your personal details a HRM accurately measures your calories burned to give you total control over your fitness and an accurate picture of your workout.


With its built-in memory function a HRM can store your workouts so that you can measure and monitor improvement in your fitness over a period of time.


A HRM gives you the tool that can maximise the precious time you have dedicated to improving your fitness. Instead of working our aimlessly you are actually training towards a specific goal.

Targeted Fitness

HRMs help you reach your heart-rate targets by letting you know when you go from fitness zone one through to three.

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