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Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

I’ve been following this watch for a while, reading the reviews, which are mostly mixed, but I honestly can’t identify with the cons that are griped about in some of these reviews. First of all, it WORKS, and works well. You get the latest version of Android Wear, which is vastly improved, and includes the ability to use wifi connectivity to get notifications from your phone when out of Bluetooth range, which works REALLY WELL.

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch

It also turns the wifi function on or off depending if you have a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, which extends battery life.And speaking of battery life, I’ve tried the Moto 360, the Gear Live and Gear Fit, and the problem, just like with the Apple watch is that you pretty much have to charge it every single evening. Well, I’m pleased to say that the Urbane can go two days of FULL USE (display always on, all notifications on, wifi on, bright display, etc.)!

Huawei Honor Zero

For ONCE I don’t have to worry about whether my smart watch is going to last the day or not. For example, I wore it for a full 24 hours (yes, even while sleeping) , and by noon the following day it still had 54% charge left. While that doesn’t match the Pebble’s 7-10 days between charges, the Urbane sports an absolute gorgeous PLED display that looks incredible.

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The styling is the best of any smartwatch I’ve seen, including the Apple watch, at least in my opinion, because it has a round face, classic stainless steel in silver or gold, and a premium watch band. Oh, and you can place any watch band of 22mm if you want to further personalize it.

While it doesn’t have 1000s of apps like the iWatch, it is distinguished by the superb speed, responsiveness, and features that the Apple watch hasn’t implemented very well yet.

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