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Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch

Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch is a modern and easy to use a smart watch with its own SIM card slot. With this watch, you can go anywhere and you always will be in touch.

The main objective of smart watch is to liberate person from the need to constantly look for and keep his smartphone in hands. Screen of smart watch is the second screen of the smartphone, its simplified version. Smart watch is able to display all notification: emails, SMS, update statuses on social networks. To see from whom you just received a message, you only need to look at your wrist. With help of a smart watch you can even answer with a voice message or send a smiley face.

Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch

The evershop smart watch can do more than this. The smart watch has a SIM card slot; it allows you to use your smart watch as a smartphone independently without Bluetooth connection.This model of smart watch is great for information exchange as well. It allows you to send and receive files quickly. You can send a photo, your business card or text file just in a minute.

In Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch you can find many additional useful functions. These functions include pedometer, fitness tracker, sleep monitor, remote camera, sedentary reminder and other features, that will give you the maximal smart watch experience.

To feel good, doctors advise doing 10,000 steps daily. With this smart watch, it is an achievable goal because you will always know how many steps you have done today, and how many is left. Evershop smart clock can help you to get up and go to bed in time, sleep monitor will also help to improve the quality of your sleep.

Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch Review

Sedentary reminder notifies you about the lack of movement for a conditional period of time and impels you to be more active.The smart watch has modern and attractive design HD Sensitive Touch Screen is combined with the solid aluminum body. The watch’s body is connected to the durable and comfortable watch band made from silicon.One more advantage of the smart watch is its high comparability with all Android smartphones. You can synchronize your applications, contacts and have notifications when you get an e-mail, Whatsapp or Facebook message.

Evershop Smart Clock has a built-in high-quality speaker and microphone. You can easily make and receive calls right from you mobile phone. The smart clock has a bilateral anti-lost technology in it. You can find your smartphone with help of your watch and you can find your watch with help of your mobile phone.

Smart watch has 240×240 pixels resolution, which is a great quality of image for such a small screen. Evershop smart watch has a quick processor and 128 Mb of RAM. Battery with a capacity of 380mAh provides device operation for a long time.

Overall Evershop Bluetooth Android Smart Watch is a great choice if you are looking for a high-quality smartwatch. Evershop smart watch doesn’t cost too much. We recommend buying this device from, as you can find the best price there, and save $60.00 at the moment and pick it up for just $69.99.

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