3 Most Elegant Smartwatches Available Today

3 Most Elegant Smartwatches Available Today

The smartwatches, nowadays, have a basic set style, yet several of the smartwatches along with non-screen ones are making an entry into the market in a wide assortment of finishes, designs, and sizes. In addition to it, smartwatches come with an option of tailor-made and customization features, so wearers can personalize them as per their own preferences.

Here, we have chosen the most elegant smartwatches with a comprehensive review of each one for a more specific view on their performance, features, and design.

Michael Kors Access Runway – An all-inclusive smartwatch

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Michael Kors’, The Access Runway is the 3rd Wear OS beautiful smartwatch. Also, it is an elegant substitute for Apple’s smartwatch. Above all, this smartwatch works with both the iPhone as well as Android.

Access Runway is a beautiful, all-inclusive, and comfortable to wear smartwatch. Not only this, but it also gives you notifications, lets you use Google Pay, enables you to download applications, and comes with a choice of the customized clock faces. The smartwatch has a built-in GPS together with a heart pulse tracking feature. The smartwatch is swim-proof. That is the reason it is perfect for wearing every day while you work out, play sports, or have fun at the parties.

The watch is 41mm, with a 1.19 inches, and 390×390 AMOLED touch display. It is a bit oversized that makes it look great on the wrist. The smartwatch is available in the Ceramic model as well. Moreover, you can buy the watch with stainless steel along with leather straps. Above all, this is the smartwatch that you would love to own and wear every day.

Features of the Michael Kors Access Runway:

  • The smartwatch comes with a heart rate functionality to monitor your heart’s health.
  • You can download applications and connect wi-fi to the watch.
  • The watch also serves as a personal assistant as you can ask questions and get instant replies.
  • The smartwatch has a variety of styles and colors for every individual’s preferences.

Fossil Q Neely – The most elegant Smartwatch

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This slim hybrid by Fossil, known as the Q Neely is a simple yet elegant smartwatch. The smartwatch is light in weight, small in size – 36mm, slim – 12mm thick, and comfy for wearing on the wrist. Additionally, it looks the same as a non-connected smartwatch.

Fossil Q application helps to monitor your sleep duration and your activity levels. Furthermore, you can configure vibration notifications, which you may assign to a number on the clock face. Hence, for example, if you receive a notification for WhatsApp, the hands on the watch face can move to a particular assigned number.

Besides, being a great and straightforward smartwatch; there are other main features, including remote music control, remote selfie, and so on, that you can configure in the 3 buttons located on the right-hand side.

Features of the Fossil Q Neely:

  • The smartwatch lets you receive notifications of important calls, e-mails, and texts.
  • The watch comes with a built-in tracking system, so you can track your everyday steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned.
  • The smartwatch does not need charging for the first 6 months of use.
  • The watch has 3 buttons that you can customize as per your choice. For example, assign a button for setting a goal or for checking the date.
  • You can check your drive time as well.
  • The watch straps come in various colors and materials, so you can get one according to your choice.

Misfit Path – Beautiful Smartwatch Fits Perfectly Into Your Life

3 Most Elegant Smartwatches Available Today 3

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The Misfit Phase was the Misfit’s initial product in the hybrid scene. So now it is subsequent by the same but not wholly identical – the beautiful Misfit Path. Whilst the Misfit Path has identical DNA as the Misfit Phase, in actuality, there are some significant differences, which include the circular markers surrounding the watch face along with the 36mm size – compared to Phase that is 41mm.

This hybrid smartwatch is, without any doubt, the upcoming evolution in modest smartwatch functionality as well as style. The watch is crafted from glossy stainless steel, having an iridescent face. The watch fits smoothly in your life by tracking your taken steps, distance covered, and the quality and duration of your sleep. Other main features it offers are movement reminders, smart alarm, and smart buttons.

The Misfit Path lets you receive alerts, yet in contrast with the Phase. This smartwatch does not utilize the color wheel to imply what it is used for. As an alternative, it only utilizes hand actions as well as vibrations to notify you. But you can customize this feature through the app settings of this smartwatch. This newly-released elegant smartwatch of Misfit is truly stylish and eye-catching.

What’s more, you can also dedicate the side buttons to a particular feature of your own selection, for example, remotely control your mobile’s camera. The Path is water-resistant to 500 meters as well, with an exceptional battery life of six months to boot. But the one huge advantage in comparison with the other smartwatches in this list is its affordability. Yes, you can buy the Misfit Path at an affordable cost.

Features of the Misfit Path:

  • The smartwatch has a matte painted face that goes perfectly with the strap making it look gorgeous.
  • You can customize the buttons of the smartwatch and use them as short-cuts, such as taking a photo, logging an activity, or tracking your goals.
  • The watch can be connected with iOS and Android.

The Final Words on the most elegant smartwatches available today…

There is no shortage of elegant smartwatches for individuals now. Whether it is Misfit, Fossil, or Michael Kors – each company has come up with the finest of its innovation to appeal to the smartwatch wearers.

With a huge variety, comes complexity in selecting, yet we do understand that whether you choose any of the above-mentioned smartwatches, you will surely have an elegant, sturdy, and durable product that is going to be with you for a really long time.

No matter if you crave for something to go along with you to the gym, or put in an attractive feature to your ensemble, surely, you will discover something that fulfills your requirements. Above all, you can replace the straps of the smartwatches mentioned above so as to match that with your outfit.

We totally suggest digging into the above-mentioned rundown to get a beautiful smartwatch that fits into your budget and meets your requirements. We are confident that you will buy something that is an ideal match for you. Happy shopping!

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