3 Best Smart Watches to Buy at Christmas 2019

Christmas is just around the corner. Like every year, this year you must have made a shopping list for what to buy for yourself or to give to your loved ones. With the Christmas season approaching rapidly, take this opportunity to present your loved ones with something thoughtful and fashionable as well.

When we say thoughtful, there is just the perfect thing that comes into the mind. Yes, we are talking about smartwatches. Smartwatches are, in actual, more than just being an extension of smartphones, as they are independent wearable innovation. Since there are various global leaders in the tech industry that work continuously to meet the requirements of this niche market, for instance, activity tracking, the global leaders have initiated a mobilization.

On the other hand, with a lot of options for smartwatches in our consumer-driven economy, the number of alternatives may give rise to over choice. Therefore, to simplify things for you, we have come up with a list of the 3 best smartwatches to buy at Christmas 2019. Continue to read further to learn more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch – The Stylish Watch With Sporty Features

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The best smartwatch in the town right now is, none other than Samsung, and despite choosing the Gear S4 title, it is named “The Galaxy Watch.” Ensuing the Gear S3 range along with the 2017’s Gear Sport, the advanced Samsung Watch is a lot more improved.

It is the bigger 42 mm version of the smartwatch and it tags along with a remarkable 4-day charged battery in spite of using it greatly. In addition, the turning clock face is the high point to navigate encompassing the Tizen OS over the smartwatch, and the interface of the watch is the most convenient to grab on.

But the thing that distinguishes it from other watches is its style. If you want a smartwatch that needs to match your deluxe wardrobe for a formal meeting or even some fancy parties, Samsung Galaxy will be the best choice for you. Its shape is round with stainless steel that provides it with a vintage look.

The best main feature of the Samsung Galaxy watch is that its interface is so easy to use that it lets the user interact easily with the watch by rotating it left for viewing notifications and rotating right to use widgets. The watch has a combo of physical buttons along with a smooth touch screen, which makes it the most instinctive smartwatch to use.

Apple Watch Series 5 – The Watch With The Always-on Display

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Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest smartwatch introduced by Apple, and it is, without any doubt, a watch that you have never seen before. The best features of Apple Watch are that it offers always-on retina display, which means the user can always see the time along with the watch face. This attribute makes it feel a lot more than just a watch because it comes with an LTPO technology that contributes to the longer battery power of the device.

Apart from the LTPO technology, this smartwatch has drivers and some sensors that help in refreshing the watch at the speed of 60 Hz to 1 Hz, and that too, in just 1 second. This is why this smartwatch is dynamic and efficient.

Talking about the look of the watch, it has the signature style that all smartwatches of Apple own, such as the frame is curved aluminum, the display is square, and a digital crown that helps in seeing the applications or activating the Apple Pay. In addition, for hikers, cyclists, and joggers, there is a feature that tells the direction they are going towards and even works out the elevation in alliance with the GPS system.

If you happen to be a fitness enthusiast or even know someone, who is a fitness freak, this watch is ideal to buy this Christmas. For the reason that it is the perfect solution for fitness with accurate GPS and monitors heart rate as well.

Fitbit Versa 2 – The Best Watch That Tracks Your Sleep Hours

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Fitbit Versa 2 has managed to top the chart and compete with Apple Watch Series because of its amazing style and easy to use functions. It is considered the best smartwatch, particularly for fitness but when it comes to styling, it looks a lot more like an Apple watch except that it has a rectangular screen.

The good thing about this watch is that its bands are made up of silicon that do not engross sweating. It has just a single button that can be used as a back key along with a select key as well. Hence, users will not be required to do anything other than pressing the button to access this masterpiece. All other actions can be performed by touching its Gorilla Glass Amoled protected touchscreen.

This watch also has an always-on retina feature, but this can drain the power of the watch. The Versa 2 has an updated processor that lets the management of the functions to handle conveniently and users can also navigate the interface smoothly.

The Versa 2 has various upgrades, which includes always-on function, sleep hours tracker, Alexa incorporation, and a little bit smaller frame. Above all, the thing that has made it one of the well-known smartwatch wearable brands is the affordability that makes users incline more toward it in comparison with other famous brands in the market.

Final thoughts…

This was our list of the 3 best smart watches to buy at Christmas 2019. Surely, this will be the most reliable investment you will make. Classy, modish, amazingly budget-friendly smartwatches – a man’s best friend.

Time is one’s best friend – so true it is. A well-made smartwatch is a precious present that no guy can resist. Beyond everything, an extremely beautiful and functional wristwatch is surely the closest jewelry item for a man, and they wear it the same way as girls love wearing diamond. Buy any of the above-mentioned smartwatches and flaunt it with the spirit of Christmas.

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